Happy New Year, ladies and gents.

As a new year brings changes in everyone's lives, we shall change and evolve with them.

A few days ago I changed the format. It was somewhat incomplete, but something completely different that what you're USED to. A few protested and others liked it, however, the format was changed back to a more familiar scheme to settle confusion.

While it'll be temporary, the change will recur.

I've been doing searches and researching DT around the nets and found that we've lost our buzz. No (recent) mentions in ANY blogs, forums, news, etc... We have a few more sites linking to DT but not nearly enough to generate a healthy traffic flow of people referring and inviting their friends, therefore, leaving us secluded in our corner of the web, which isn't satisfying for me. Do a COMPLETE search yourself.

Limited interaction with a limited group will sustain a limited conversation...I seek to improve that.

Changes will occur as these options take place:

-New format for site. The sought after 2 column design.
*reason - MANY Ning users and owners have NEVER seen or experienced it. THAT will cause them to delve deeper into DT. The design will look similar to THIS.*

-3rd party embeds will be disabled.
*reason - I'd like to kick start some actual videos of our OWN, so that any newcomers will be able to watch content from some of our actual users.*

-New adverts
*reason - Adsense only allows 3 ads/page. The other affiliate program allows a WIDE variety of ads and styles with an unlimited amount of ads/page. This will help DT become a self sustaining site that will eventually pay for itself. The ads on the other affiliate program will not be visible to you or ANYONE unless they do a "Dramatube (+ Item)" search, otherwise it will look completely normal. That'll help anyone who has any problems with blockers and slow down times.*

Misc shiz:

- Since I've been working wrecklessly the past 2 weeks I haven't talked to the developers of TB to see if the mod options are in place so we may make TB a regular feature on the front page.
- I've been looking for other sites that may want a spot in the "Cohorts" page and, in turn, give us a spot on their site, or your site, increasing linkage. If you have any ideas of sites, please drop a comment below.

What YOU can do to help:
If you have a site that you belong, we'd appreciate a mention or two in a thread, or a video embed.
If you post blogs and have a few readers, we'd appreciate a post.
If you own a site or several, we'd appreciate a link to help people find us.
...all of these are optional and not required, participate at your own level of comfort.

Expect changes to occur sometime this weekend (after I've rested and feel up to code building). If I've missed anything or you have some suggestions, let us know.

Remember everything is expected to be temporary, EVEN the design...(which I, ALSO have OTHER plans for, I think you guys/gals will enjoy)

If you have any concerns, comments or suggestions feel free to let us know.

Thanks and Happy New Year, everyone!

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Comment by ilene888 on January 2, 2010 at 11:33am
Comment by ilene888 on January 2, 2010 at 2:37am
WOW just walked the dog ~ went to the supermarket ~ & this old desperate desert cow Andi is STILL here copying everyone's posts & recopying her own? Andi please look @ your actions. Lots of people are acknowledging your senility @ this point. Save yourself additonal embarassment please. MBD ~ do what ya gotta do dude. Good luck in whatever endeavor you choose.
Comment by ilene888 on January 2, 2010 at 12:44am
Andi... plz...you really need to drop the jealousy thing. People have seen your vlog ~ you know the one where you talk in your old lady voice & are standing there hiding your LARGE frame behind a cabinet? LOL on the FBI watch list LOOOOOL my channel has been in good standing for over THREE years on YouTube with not ONE complaint. Why do you Lie all the time? As you can see people liek Digger & other internet knowledgeble people on the Netz know your facade. The only person you are fooling is yourself. If people actually believed your bullshit you spew then people on the Tubes would have subbed to you or even watched or commented on your vids. As you can see after ONE YEAR you are barely over 100 subs. PEOPLE CALL BULLSHIT WHEN THEY SEE IT ANDI!!!
Comment by ilene888 on January 2, 2010 at 12:29am
Koolaid ~ Andi has been stalking attractive blonde's WAY BACK to three years ago with the YsabellaBrave stalking issue in which she had to apologize to her. Andi lies to users on sites feigning to be a much younger & attractive woman than she actually is & in the process loses any support from honest users that she might have gained. BTW on another note THANK YOU DRAMATUBE for keeping Andi over here "mooing" ~ when she's not here shes busy deleting my comments on YouTube.
Comment by ilene888 on January 2, 2010 at 12:07am
And Andi... Why are you calling Koolaid "old gal" YOU ARE TWENTY YEARS OLDER THAN SHE IS!!!
Comment by ilene888 on January 2, 2010 at 12:05am
Andi says "agreed content does run a web site but all the content in the world won't help if the environment is hostile like below." Good God you senile old bat! YouTube is as hostile as a site can get. YOU YOUSELF were suspended for making the physical threat to me "you had better watch your back bitch" & DIE BITCH DIE. Do you even re-read what you type in your comments here? They are as ignorant as you are obese! You are a mental drain & confrontational as all hell. In fact ... I don't come to THIS site because YOU are here.
Comment by MBD - Tha Last NetBender on January 1, 2010 at 2:41pm
You've already named them. I don't do anything alone. You're views of what is upgraded, downgraded or even a sidestep to a change may be your opinion. These are the tools granted to work with and we'll be tinkering with some changes. DT has underwent MANY changes and designs in the past, this will be nothing different. It's temporary and it'll be (not in your eyes), what I think would be buzz worthy for some other ppl online.
Not everyone is going to agree with it because it'll be different, I can accept that. Others will enjoy the swap, I can accept that....but can you?
Comment by MBD - Tha Last NetBender on January 1, 2010 at 2:24pm
@ Digger
What's so dictator -esque about announcing a few updates and possible upgrades AND input?

You know change isn't necessarily a bad thing?
Comment by MBD - Tha Last NetBender on January 1, 2010 at 2:21pm
@ Ted
lol, idk...shit was totally random.
Comment by MBD - Tha Last NetBender on January 1, 2010 at 2:06pm
@ Digger...."
"Click here for some of my art" Looked like coloring book stuff, does not trump anything..."

That's all freehand from 10 years ago....it's NOTHING to what I do now. If there's something you think you can teach me, drop a line anytime, I'm always willing to learn something new to better my craft.

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