Rare, the 'Bleeding Heart Liberal'

I am a stupid, bleeding heart liberal. There I said it. I foolishly believe in equality, compassion, dignity, and equal protection under the law.
I recklessly think that black lives matter, that police can be both accountable and respected, that gay people entitled to decent treatment, respect and the right to marry (just like anyone else).
I also foolishly think that trans people should be free to use the bathroom that matches their gender identity.
I am hopeless because I think other people's religious freedom is just as important as my own. I naively believe that we should care for the poor and elderly too.
Oh the horrors! I think that sensible gun laws and background checks are a reasonable request. Also, that banning high capacity automatic weapons is a no-brainer.
I am also stupid enough to think that healthcare and clean water are human rights, that accepting refugees is a noble and good thing, that we should protect the planet for the future, and that women's vajayjays are their own.
I also think that people come before profits. I am so damn silly that I honestly believe that people have the right to die with dignity, that we should not drop bombs on others, that working towards peace is a good thing, and that immigrants are not our enemy.
Worse yet, I believe that both churches and the rich should pay taxes. I think a working wage is doable, that a military state and authoritarianism is not a good thing, and that children should not be forced to pray in school, or anywhere else.
I am so utterly dumb that I think education should be affordable instead of a profit center. Worse yet, I believe the only wall we need is the one between church and state.
I admit it. I am a silly, peace loving, do-good-nick, tree hugging, freedom loving citizen of the planet earth. I own it. Peace to all beings.

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