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Here is the deal as said in the video.  I want everyone to have  a clean slate and in return I will remove any and all drama videos on youtube and i-tube.net.  My issue with Frank, Shawny, PB and Argent is the Drama in which I was accused of countless shit.  


You want it removed then I shall remove it but only if any and all past issues is gone.  This will include removing the past on everyone and we start fresh.  All of us is given a chance unconditionally in which the past is not used as a weapon against each other.  

I am not going to be blackballed or made to look like a idiot by anyone.  I will continue to stand my ground.  This means that Frank will also get reinstated if all past issues is truly ended and this is my word.  

I will not remove the videos if I get a no.  It will remain up for everyone to see.  This issue was started by them and I did not attack anyone on Frank website.  JOJO, Frank and PB started this issue and I am not negotiating until there is true peace with everyone.

I want peace of mind and a truce by them.  I am not negotiating until this shit never happens again.  I refuse to negotiate and listen when this issue is making vloasis a drama free website in which everyone who does not participate to be able to be active without the bullshit on the website.  

My point is to show Frank and everyone that Frank is the cause as to why people does not wish to play on Vloasis.  Why do you think there is a lack of participationon both sites since my ban?  Why?  The drama on the website.  Yes, I caused Drama and said shit that I do not mean.  I am doing it to stand up against the drama.  My reason for doing drama is because I am against being put into drama issues.  

I do not wish to see or have my friends attacked in the name of Drama by anyone.  I will agree to stop the drama only if Drama is not thrown my way by Frank or anyone.  This includes my friends.  Frank wants to know why I made videos about him?  It is because of the drama that he and his friends caused.  If I pay for my server then I am going to have a server with no rules on how you play unless it is griefing.  People is to play without being bothered unless they want their friends on the base and there is permission.  

I will give Everyone on the server an unconditional reinstatement when I bring the server back, eventually.  Even if Argent is dead (cough, cough).  Yes, he will have full creative mode opportunity as long as there is no griefing because even creative mode players will be bound by the same rules as the survival players.  The rule is "No griefing".

You want the videos down?  That is the deal.  I am not negotiating on what I want.  It is abundantly clear.  All PAsts is dropped and everyone is under unconditional chances on all sides of the coin.  What I want is fair to everyone on this issue.  It is fair to me and them.  



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Comment by Rare on August 4, 2017 at 11:10pm

Everything jfry has said here is the truth and you should consider him a very good friend to even try to help you through your last 'derangements'.  Sure I get mad at you because I don't think you are trying to change your behavior.  Sure you have started your college career and a new job that you seem to enjoy.  I believe that I was the one to tell you to try a call center job because I thought you would be good at it.  You may think that I hate you, it's not that it at all.  I'm trying to be the 'hardass' friend that kicks your ass and makes you do better than you have in the past.  To stop all the internet bullshit and concentrate on what IS important, and that should NOT include internet drama.  You say you want to change but then you slide right back into it when you get bored.  Anyways, I do hope that you wake up and realize that life is too damn short to be arguing with me or anyone else on the internet.

On another note, I just want to say that my Mother is doing great.  It's been almost three weeks since her spinal fusion surgery and now that she is able to get around without me being closeby and doing more for herself (dressing...getting her own damn toast, water, yogurt or anything else she can think of as soon as I sit down..lol) I went out Wednesday and applied to some jobs around this little town in BFE.  Had an interview scheduled this morning at 10:30, the manager called me at 9 to ask if I could come by at 10 instead.  When I got there the District Manager was there to interview me along with the Manager.  He had seen my application, was very impressed with it and offered me an Assistant Manager position with the company.  Full benefits in 90 days, 401k plan (matched), plus bonus incentives.  I wasn't expecting it at all.  I had only asked for part-time work, that's all they had told me they had available.  I was flattered by what he had told me he saw in my work experience and after talking with me said that I was the 'one' they had been looking for for months now.  Of course I accepted the challenge and I start on Monday.  Looks like fate had me come to this small town for a fresh start and a career with a major company again.  Very happy and excited about it and had to share :)

Comment by j on August 3, 2017 at 10:58pm

Work is different than personal. At work you have a responsibility to do whats best for the company.

In your personal life you can choose to do what is best for you.

From my point of view, I see you arguing with 3 people that are not here... Shawny, Argent, and Frank... That makes them literally the hardest to argue with... They don't answer or offer feedback...

If your choice is to argue, and waste your own time, and feel annoyed as you go to bed, and waste your effort in thinking and breath typing and making videos, you may continue.

If what you think is best for you, is to lay it all down, drop it, and walk away from it all, so that it no longer weighs on you as you work or study or sleep. Then I think you have your decision.

It takes 2 people to argue...

The easiest one for you to remove from the argument is you... Simply because you can stop... Otherwise you have to convince the others you are right and they are wrong...  

Of the past 4 or whatever weeks, who have you convinced that you are right ? Remember 3 people are not here, and Rare and I somewhat agree... 

This was all a waste of time and effort that you could have spent more productively on your school work or game work or being with Bandi or simply relaxing... 

My point is you should move on... Focus again on your work and school and your dreams... 


Comment by KCDennis on August 3, 2017 at 1:07pm

All Righ, J.  I will allow Rare to hang herself.  i have a hell of a time Empathising and it gets me in trouble at new job.  What you said makes sense.

Comment by j on August 3, 2017 at 11:31am

Kenny... You are talking to ghosts and jousting at windmills... 

Just as you cant make an insincere apology, none of us can speak for other people, especially the dead ones...

Rare and I are the only ones paying attention to any of your bullshit here... Of your last 4 weeks of all this nonsense not one person single has said a single word to me on this entire subject... Rare is the exception and all her words are in the comments for both of us see... 

So I'd have to say the answer from everyone else is, NO, until otherwise spoken... 

I believe everyone brings up your past because they feel as wronged by you, as you do by them... And no one can fix that but you and them together... 

On a scale of 1 to 10 how wronged do you feel ? ? ?

Ok, now look at it from the other guys point of view... Empathize with them and imagine how wronged they might feel by you... 

You making promises and demands solves nothing. Especially when no one is listening...

I think you need to start by just accepting everything, and quit demanding others do as you say. Forgive them, as you wish them to do for you. If any of this comes up again just say," Look I am trying to get past all that. I am not going to argue with you. I am sorry you feel that way but I'm no longer discussing this..." 

At that point you have to walk away. No arguing no matter what they say. Let them lie and harang and post 20 videos, basically let them make an ass of themselves until they finally get tired of it... 

This is exactly what Frank has done. He has dropped you like a burning rock.

Frank has a drama free life now... Isn't that what you want ?

Re read this a couple times and think about it... Or you can continue your drama with Rare...

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