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Comment by KCDennis on July 19, 2017 at 3:58pm

I am still working on the coding on the website.

Comment by KCDennis on July 19, 2017 at 3:58pm

Comment by KCDennis on July 9, 2017 at 12:55am

Unless you want the same link with his name and everything here.  This has Argent Docs on it and it will disrespect MBD

Comment by KCDennis on July 9, 2017 at 12:35am

So I showed proof on youtube in the very video you spammed.  Check mate and match.  Proof.  You demanded proof.  You got it.  

Comment by KCDennis on July 9, 2017 at 12:34am

BTW I showed proof on youtube of Argent attending a funeral in NY and went with his sister because his dad died not him.  Checkmate and match.

Comment by Rare on July 8, 2017 at 2:09am

And if you are so certain about Argent being alive, why aren't you willing to drop some cash to obtain solid information on whether he is or isn't?  Pennsylvania Vital Records or Pennsylvania Archives or if you don't have a credit card or debit card you can send the request and fee in by mail to Pennsylvania Department of Health

Comment by Rare on July 8, 2017 at 1:52am

"this video is unlisted and not a public video"...umm, this is a public video it is not unlisted.  You can't unlist a video on this site.  You can make it so that only your friends see it, but if you don't then it IS a public video.  Just wondering about all this crap you are putting on here about Frank.  Do you think he is going to reinstate you after knowing that his policy is to keep what goes on at Vloasis private?  I remember your videos on Frank's site.  You hardly got any views on most all of the videos you posted there, so why are you wanting back there?  First it was VH that you were constantly hammering in order to get reinstated...that never did happen.  Now your here bitching about Frank and his site, knowing full well that he isn't going to reinstate you there either.  It seems you are being very stupid about all of this.  You come to a dead site that hardly anyone visits to bitch about a private social site that you've been banned from. I've looked over some of your videos on YT that have actually gotten some views, and I'm not seeing these comments that you are claiming are being made to harass you there.  Why are you erasing them?  If that indeed is what you are doing, and not just making shit up (per usual), then that doesn't make any sense either.  Shouldn't you be leaving the comments on your YT videos in order for people to actually see them? Especially if you are bitching and complaining about them here on a public site.  This is why no one takes you seriously about comments being made.  Why'd you delete MBD's comments before you made the video about him.  I mean, think about it, it's your worthless word against people whose comments you have supposedly erased.  Hard to believe that those comments even existed.  Tell you what, before you delete the comments you are bitching about at least take screenshots of them first to show people that they ACTUALLY existed.  Your word is worthless after so many lies you have told on the internet.  From now on show proof of these comments instead of expecting anyone to believe you.

Comment by KCDennis on July 8, 2017 at 12:01am

Also one other thing Jfry.  Explain why Frank is in Defense of PB when he whines and cries on different websites?  Why should any member put up with PB crying about a ban on VH?  He violated VH TOS by going to Vloasis and yet, he gets a free pass, everytime.  Typical one sided Frank on issues.

Comment by KCDennis on July 7, 2017 at 11:57pm

@Jfry Banning Frank is mild compared to the road Argent, Noize and Roy is about to endure in private.    So let's get this straight as well.  PB makes a domain called phantomvision409.com which is public website and it violates Frank Rules and allows him to do it.  

Argent009 drags a vloasis matter on i-tube.net and stalks me for 7 months, nonstop and Frank thinks that behavior is ok.  I address Frank in a video and all of a sudden it is a major rule breaker.  Typical.  To add on top of that.  He does not allow me to speak against him.  So why is it ok for everyone to make public shit and i am not allowed to do it.  That is censoring people and now has a reputation of censoring people with threats of permabans.

Im done with Frank and his constant bullshit.  Argent is going to be destroyed when I am done with him because he is alive and he is going to be proven quite alive.  If PB is allowed to drag vloasis issues with anti-phantom websites and I am not allowed to speak against it?  Typical and Frank has a ruined reputation and I am satisfied for publically ruining Frank and his egotistical reputation.  

Keep also in mind, this video is unlisted and not a public video.  He earned his reputation rather than being open to everyone on youtube in defense in order to settle the issue.  If he was so innocent then he would address it with a open public debate in front of everyone.  No, he allows his drama on my channel.  Keep in mind, this issue is shit on my channel and nothing else.  It is not about Vloasis but the shit he pulled on my channel and that does not violate his rules.  Its a loophole

Comment by j on July 7, 2017 at 7:25pm

Trust me, In November and December.  I will not be reinstated like he allowed Argent to come back.  Why?  Argent was constantly spamming my youtube channel and my blog accounts on a daily basis.  He was not behaving when I told him to stay off my content.  He reinstated Argent and said, he was behaving accordingly when in reallity Argent was constantly talking shit about Frank on my content as well as me.  

You got one thing right... You will not be going back to Vloasis... 

Frank not dealing with drama from outside the site HAS ALWAYS BEEN HIS POLICY... Bring it to Vloasis and its a different story... Argent never did...

I will put money on the line and say flat out.  When December comes around you will not see me on Vloasis like Frank Allowed Argent back.  In fact, I will even lay money on the line that you will see Argent doing the same shit that he did before and that is preventing my reinstatement like when he filed DMCA on i-tube and VH.  I then got blamed for it.  Frank has to have his scapegoat to blame shit on.  

Hmmm... You do seem to be getting the fact that you will not be getting back on Vloasis... BTW, there was never a timeline given for you to get a second chance ...

And Argent actually moved on to do his things and didn't harp on or try to reinvent his story with more bs and deeper lies every week as you have done since getting booted...

Oh and Argent is dead. It will be none of his doing that keeps you from getting back on.

It will be all of your doing, for not taking responsibility of what you did and what you continue to do in these very videos and blogs up to this very day...  

Your fault... Only your doing with all this unhinged spewing of speculative unprovable bullshit... 

Kenny, someone is yanking your chain... It's not Frank and it's not Argent... pb, skeehan, josiah, noisefree, William T, Anyone on Vloggerheads you might have ever annoyed... I don't know but blaming the guy who's site you want to be back on is fucking stupid and blaming a dead man is beyond even that... 

You are hopeless...

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