A liar, thief and a deadbeat that must be corrected...

SOTUdc (17 hours ago)
If DVW had left a note on the door statiing a time when he would show up. Had sent an email. Something... anything. But I recieved no word. Since the houose Internet connection was being paid for with the rent DVW was suppose to pay. And added to the house at his demand. Comcast has now cut off the Internet. And I am in trouble with them now. As he is in trouble with them. Maybe this is his Karma coming back to him. Maybe he is responcible for what happens in his life. Maybe he is not the center of all of our worlds.

So this a comment this fella posted on his channel lastnight...

Heres my message to him sent on Jan 31st:

I will claim my legal property under the law.
Since you have acted outside the law,
I will file in the district court for illegal eviction, and theft of property.
The DC Housing Authority is aware of this occurance.I have filed a police report.
I will be there with the police this week.Since you dont work, I am sure you have the spare time to wait until I show up to obtain, LEGALLY, my property.It will be at a reasonable hour.

I suggest you have my belongings inside on the first floor, to avoid any un-necessary contact.
I am aware you put my clothes and my crummy paintings on the porch...
Have a nice day-D

Here is another comment from his channel about what he allegedly did with my stuff:

"I left his things on the porch afeter he called the police. When I returned most of the items where gone.
Some items where left. I do not need his crap in my house. I do not need to explain myself in a public forum. Karma is. "

and this:

SOTUdc (17 hours ago)
"Then DVW showed up on the third week of
Feb an called the police. Instead of reconcilling his debt. So I thought he was serious about retrieving his items. I left them on the porch. I am not at his beck and call. I have my own life to lead. And cannot... will not wait around just to please his fancy. -SOTUdc
This blog IS being posted the 3rd week of February (2.21.10)...The last time I went there (over 2 weeks ago) he was on the 2nd floor peering out the window and wouldnt open the door for the police.
I saw him, but the police could not bust the door down based on this information.
And this is hysterical:
"For all of you good world citizen. Your advocacy of due process and a fare hearing through seeing all side before you make a judgement fills me with dread for the rights of all idividuals. "-SOTUdc
I am posting this just because I want to have a record of this...
I have lost my 2 thousand dollar Alienware pc, my 1988 Charvelle, my leather motorcycle jacket, various clothes, my marine pigsticker (k-bar-knife) , over 300 cds,
My Fender Deville amp, my Peavey practice amp, my boss me 50 effects processor..several software programs...
well over 4 thousand dollars worth of things...and my wedding ring.
To top it off, add the charge of tampering with the mail system, he stole a letter w/ money sent to me...I had to have cash sent from my relative b/c I dont have a bank account...
I am not seeking pitty, I mearly need to store this info...and of course my pc is missing so , I am blogging this...
SOTUdc (17 hours ago)
He paid December rent then stiffed on January.
SOTUdc (17 hours ago)
(add derisive description)

Well there it is...Im homeless (im at the library) and he steals my shit...I am staying at a shelter...its real nasty.

Is there any justice? Ive filed for "pauperus" to waive the civil court fee to have my case against him in DC court...but they havent let me know if they will waive the $160

fee so I can get my shit back, or at least make him regret his crime of theft.

I am working , and planning on getting a place by mid march....

Please message me and let me know if you have any ideas...


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Comment by Count Draugula on February 21, 2010 at 10:17pm
did you register that guitars serial number? If you have it, file the police report with the serial to be distributed to all pawn shops.. co it can be seized if it's taken there. All the clothing and Etc.. had to prove that, the computer.. unless you have receipts will be difficult as well unless you have the serials for that. I say continue to take legal and or civil action repeatedly and until it becomes such a daily reoccurance that it is in the persons best interest to "do the right thing". I hope you get this fixed... fucking pisses me of D.. i'm so fucking sorry...

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