Spam Bots in the wire. Speaking honestly...

A new account here spamming the Blog section. I was excited to see Rock so and so posted a blog.  A new member of I-tube is saying Hello?

So I check it out...a link to watch movies on their tinyurl .... and download their software to watch it? 

If they want to use i-tube for business, they need to ask the site moderator...  I do not know that would be..

Mean Black Dude?


Pyrimid Head>?

I waste time posting videos I make here. I do for my own entertainment.. I do hope that people like the crud I post here.. I edit, and they are sometimes other sources material (ie film edits/ music by popular artists ect) 

And can they not see there is little to no action here?

What does someone have to gain by posting a link here, when no one except maybe the moderator will see it? 

Correct me if I am rude please, or being ignorant.

I hope there are people coming here and reading this... ?

And I remember a time this site was so damned active...Now one of the new i-tube members turn out to be 


And they dont even take time to see other peoples contributions here.

Love to all of you here .... have a safe and prosperous Christmas Chanakha  CRonica ... Quanza athiest day or what ever... be well and not wanting.....


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Comment by DVW on March 10, 2015 at 2:58pm

J this is my blog, and what I choose to do with approval or not has nothing to do with you.When you create something for others to watch, then whine. And of course the insults and vile words are the intention of the user of language. So attempt to intimidate or deride...

Comment by j on December 30, 2014 at 1:09pm

approved comments... great...

Comment by Argent009 on December 26, 2014 at 2:59am

Some of us do still visit the site regularly, but it has been deader than a doornail here in the past few months. There's no drama going on to get people talking about and that's always been the key to the activity on sites like this. Sadly you can't get people on the internet to be active unless there's some kind of drama involved. Sad but true. What can we do about it? I don't make videos anymore, I can't, my current situation won't allow for me to have a camera in a position for vlogging. I want to start a new YouTube channel in a while but I will need to figure out a camera setup to do it. I don't think the people here would be interested in the content though, it'll be about blades (pocket knives, daggers, swords and so forth). I've recently gotten into seriously collecting pocket knives since I have run out of room to house any more swords. I may make room for something from Albion in the future if finances improve enough to allow me to afford one, but even these pocket knives can be expensive. For my birthday on the 9th of next month I'm getting a Chris Reeve Sebenza 25 which retails for $460-1200 depending on where you get it. We got a special deal on it and managed to get it for only $100. A fucking steal for the granddaddy of all tactical folders out there. You can spend more but Chris Reeve invented the technique that most of these guys are copying and they're just adding expensive materials that drive the cost up. The Sebenza is just quality steel with titanium to super exacting tolerances. Well I'm going into a rant, I'm real into this new hobby lately so, there you go, that's what I've been up to, collecting knives. I have maybe 15 or so currently, all of them are fairly inexpensive production models but they're all quite cool and I researched them pretty extensively on Les Tubes before buying them, mostly on Amazon. If anyone wants to discuss blades with me, let me know. I think my $1 recommendation for a perfect EDC at a reasonable price I'd say go with the Spyderco Manix 2 in translucent blue (lightweight), it's a great knife for only about sixty bucks.

Comment by MBD - Tha Last NetBender on December 24, 2014 at 3:50am

I know man.  I try to take the time to be here, but things are alot different now.  We TRY to catch them as they come in.  Noone really knows until they/it posts.  It's a real unfortunate thing on this platform.  Been trying to combat it since the beginning but it's, pretty much, hopeless.

I'm still watching.

As for the rest of the denizens........lol.....

.......just waiting for some new meat.

Comment by Bytes on December 22, 2014 at 9:58am

Annnd.....boom! They are toast. :)

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