I'm really not so sure what took so long for me to post this blog.  I've been playing around with this for quite a while (...in my head).   One of my irl friends brought it up to me and it's been spouting forth, ideal wise, anyway.   No significant steps progresswise...yet.   Either way, it's something I've been thinking about doing online.   It came in 2 parts and are not necessarily related:


Part One:  Internet Lottery Hoarding (ILH)

-A group of us would pitch in what we could, when we could to appoint someone to purchase the tickets in their respective states.  In the event of a  "hit", everyone would get their cuts and  continue to donate in the nationwide lottery hoard....or pull out, thus, being eliminated from the group. 

-The group will consists of TRUSTED members of the group and participation would be mandatory in AT LEAST the majority of lotteries entered....doesn't matter the amount donated as all proceeds will be split EVENLY among the group.

-In the group, someone from their state will state the amount of the winnings in their state.  The group will then decide whether to "go for it" or pass for something bigger.  In the event that the pot is big enough, members of the groups will participate by sending monies (I like that word) to the person to buy the tickets, via paypal, western union, money order or whatever.

-In the event of a "Hit" the person who collects the check deposits and sends out payments, checked and double checked by the group members.

-Screen caps/receipts and chat logs will keep EVERYONE under contract.

-Groups members receive payments and decide whether to pull out or continue in.





Part Two: Internet Investment Inititive (III)

-A group, willing to invest, in some sort of business, person, show, etc.

-This group would require regular contributions to help the trust grow.

-Members of this groups would have a pulling vote in which businesses get an investment from us (private backers) and what we'd like to see in the business, actor, profession that would be beneficial to turn and RETURN a profit.

-Loans would be easier, as banks LOVE multiple co-signers and that, too can be invested into the trust.



Part 1 is something, I've wanted to do for a while and just could never find a forum organized enough to do it in.  So, I'll just present it to you all.  I, honestly, think we can organize something of this manner.


Part 2 is something that my friends and I have spoken about on several occasions and seemed feasible enough to present to you.


I'm leaning towards Part 1, myself.  It'll just help me sleep better knowing I'd have a CHANCE to do something bigger and better AND set a new standard of what people online can do, once rallied together, if for nothing else, their OWN well being.  


Nothing beats a failure like a try, eh?


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Comment by Ravisher on November 22, 2011 at 3:18am

Correction, make that 16 hours ahead of you

Comment by Ravisher on November 22, 2011 at 3:17am

You realize I'm from the future and get the lotto numbers 17 hours before you right?

Lets run a scam for part 1 & 2

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