I-Tube - The New Fashionistas of the Internuttz? (OR: Is NING Selling Us Out?)

Checked the master account and saw this:

What does this mean?  Fuck all if I know.

There's a "NEW CLAUSE", which usually mean NEW problems.

Initially, to me, it seems as if Ning is selling out and, upon first contact with "Glam", "Bliss", "Brash" and/or ANY of it's affiliates, I'd have to say........"Cool story, bro."  

This ISN'T what we signed up for, nor what we pay for.  Idk....maybe I missed something, but I would much rather NOT be associated with ANY Old Navy, Ambercrombie $ Fitch, Ralph Lauren, Ikea, Uggz, Crocs, Chinchilla skinned, GroupOn shared, Celebrity influenced, Musically challenged, television endorsed........and DEFINITELY  not kid/family friendly media.

Maybe someone here can see something that I didn't or can decypher something ELSE other that what I found.

Sooooo.......................wut now?

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Comment by j on January 13, 2012 at 12:39pm

@J: You're more of an idiot than I thought. Wow... There is no secret about Zen's site being put up by PB and it was never even suggested that it shouldn't be mentioned and yes, anyone can see that it's the case just by going to the site, you don't even have to be a member, just go to it and it's on the front page, a conversation of sorts that makes it clear PB put the site up for Zen. They probably told YOU not to bring it up because they know you and know you'd get it wrong, just as you have. But nobody told me it was a secret because if it is a secret it's the worst kept secret ever.


I just told you it was specifically told to me, so it was mentioned… The site is not widely known yet but goathead and blab your knowledge cause it makes you the man… If you can’t comprehend why they might not want it blabbed then you are a bigger moron what you look like… They told me not to mention it because some people are assholes and  cant separate their opinions people from facts of what they can do… And they shouldn’t have to tell you it’s on the down low as you are supposed to be intelligent… I thought maybe you could follow my lead when I wrote my initial comment but you failed that test with flying colors…


OnTheAir DOES host its own videos, that's what phpMotion does, it's Zen's site that doesn't and it has nothing to do with making money.


More bullshit to obfuscate with the PHP crap here and  below…. OtATV doesn’t host the videos it’s simply a player…. the are all hosted on other sites Youtube for the most part.. You could prolly use Vimeo like Syd does at ARK.. She does it  to save on $$$ too from Ning… They have eliminated the most costly part of the website so it can make them money if they work at it… (of course it’s not the best looking or fastest but that’s a small price to pay)



Zen may or may not have ads on it but even if he does there's little chance he's making any real money from that site, at least not yet.


The only correct thing you have said…. I also said IF they want to make money as a qualifier, as I know that is not the initial intent…


You say I "Saw Glam's video", I saw no video by any "Glam", do you mean Glo? Yes, I saw that video, so what? Glo's site is running fucking PHPMOTION, OBVIOUSLY it's PHP you fucking dumbass. You're confusing what PB talked about on VH about him writing a new video handler that bypasses the limitations of php's upload capacity. Which in all honesty doesn't exist, you only need access to the php.ini file on the server to change the upload limits for php, why he'd need to write anything is beyond me.


More bla bla bla bla….. bullshit… explained it earlier…


As for Moar, I never tried to beg my way into anything there. I have no interest in anything there, it's a dead site, has been since it came back in this incarnation. Previous incarnations may have been more successful but I never asked or begged or even hinted at wanting any kind of control over the site.


You are a flat out liar on this part… You try to weave the current with the past to confuse… I’m talking about the past not what’s going on now or what you want now.. I’m sure your “dead site” comment would go over like a turd in the punch bowl over there…


Your obsession with this subject is weird.


Nope. I wouldn’t be a valued member of I-tube if I sat back and watched them give the keys and or money to you without voicing my opinion…


Then you quote more abo

Comment by j on January 6, 2012 at 11:44pm

Damn… snipped my finish…


Oh and yea, http://www.askgeriatric.com is doing just fine, why did you feel the need to bring that up? Peter and I are and always have been very good friends and that website has been running quite well for six years now. What websites do you run again, I forget?



Honestly cause it’s the one thing I never heard of you fucking up… Probably cause you A. Make money from it so you cant shit in your own bedroom. Or B. Because you don’t interact with people on it… 

I noticed you didn't touch the Renetto / Sorff stuff with a 10 ft pole....

No worries we know all you will do is deny it ....  whatever....

Comment by j on January 6, 2012 at 12:55pm

First of all, the fact that PB runs Zens website is no secret at all, clearly you've never been to it, or you'd see that they talk about it RIGHT ON THE FRONT PAGE OF THE FUCKING WEBSITE ya dumbass.


First off I was asked not to bring up the subject in public. Maybe they should have known to tell your stupid blabbing ass.. They can talk all they want on their site… ITS THEIR SITE !!!! They didn’t want it blabbed about on other sites… Dumbass…


Also, Zen has mentioned it himself numerous times. So I am not letting any cats out of any bags by saying it. I'm simply telling the truth, something you seem to be averse to.


Accusing people of being averse to the truth is something you should never accuse somebody of… you look like a fool…


I don't see what in the world Moar or OnTheAir have to do with the price of tea in China. Moar is on Ning and it's so dead it makes this place look like YouTube on steroids.


Of course you don’t, fake eye and all… You can’t even see what PB is doing….

It plays to the fact that you hang there. You saw Glam’s Video. You know his site is the only one making money and that it does so because it doesn’t HOST the videos, the most expensive part of the site… You attempted to insult me by saying PB’s site doesn’t host vids… Well it doesn’t specifically because it’s a better plan to make money if they want…. They also have a better back end than the PHP you mentioned…. I apologize for attempting to give you credit, apparently you don’t understand what they are doing or know what you are talking about….


And no, I never once asked for any kind of admin status or anything at all on that site. OMV made a stupid statement that the site was turning into my website based on the fact that I posted ONE (count 'em, one) video on there over the course of a year. OMV is seriously fucked in the head by the way. So I jokingly suggested they change the name to ArgentVideo or some shit.


Nice that you explain the current crap there but I am talking about your attempts to beg your way into previous incarnations of Moar….


 If that's what you're talking about. OnTheAirTV runs software I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy, the least supported most buggy piece of crap I've ever seen, phpMotion. If you want something that offers about 1/10th of the features and functionality of Ning coupled with some of the crappiest coding ever, yes, run that. The only reason Glo likes it is because s/he has so heavily modified it that it works fairly well. I don't think anyone here is willing to put in that kind of work on a piece of open source software.


Nope… nice try to obfuscate…. PB and Zen have the back end the want and a better set up to make money if they want… Maybe you can’t see what they are doing… And it has nothing to do with your fake eye or depth perception...


Why don't you quit while you're ahead dumb ass.


Don’t worry dumbass I am always a head…  : )


Oh and yea, http://www.askgeriatric.com is doing just fine, why did you feel the need to bring that up? Peter and I are and always have been very good friends and that website has been running quite well for six years now. What websites do you run again, I forget?


Comment by j on January 5, 2012 at 11:44pm

@ Bytes - Where I come up with my "shit" ...... simlpy by being around a few websites for the last 3+ years and being observant.....

(God what a waste of time... I can't believe I know this shit...)


Comment by j on January 5, 2012 at 11:38pm

The other web site of Renettos was Sorff...

Comment by j on January 5, 2012 at 11:28pm

For those who want to expand their horizons a little bit.... Moar Video   &  On the Air TV


Comment by j on January 5, 2012 at 11:25pm

This is long but all relevant......


Uh yeah, Zen's site was put up by PsychoBabble.....


I knew you'd be the douche that busted out who's doing what.... Specifically why I stated what I did.... Not that people don't know it, it's just that it doesn't need to be broadcasted like a moron with out a regulater... See this is the first part of the fail that Argent is if you give him the keys.... He's a moron with out a regulator and if he thinks he has some kind of power it goes to his big fat one eye'd head...


He's a great member

A good gehy guy

Take his advice.... if it's free....


Dont give him any power because he has no morals or regulation.... He has been banned from many social networking sites for good reasons.... He takes advantage of what he knows and thinks he can get away with being a dick based on his own personal agenda.... 


I'll cut the bullshit and get to a key part..... Lets see if Argie can stick to his big words here.....


I have no interest in being involved in setting up, running or administrating a site contrary to what this brain trust seems to think.



I'll get off your case for now, but know I saw you beg Dunk for the keys to MOAR at one time.... Don't lie.... You ran Geriatrics' site (what happened to that relationship ?) and begged Renetto to do things at times too.... not only with VH's you begged and set up a site for that other web site.... what was it.... the stalker thing where you labeled and discussed websites.... you got all butt hurt cause he didn't use your crap there too... 


As for embedding goes, the only place I have heard of making ANY money, is On The Air TV and they specifically do not host videos because it is the largest portion of server cost there is.... So you are a moron for suggesting that a site be set up differently.... So say what you want of one eyed guru of the internets.... but apparently PB and Zen are following one of the only money making video sites out there On Air TV


This weak drama video explains things if you read between the lines...


Being a social website whore and member at Moar you saw this didn't you Argent.....

Why would you mislead MBD or others that X is better than Y  knowing that better options are out there....


Comment by j on January 5, 2012 at 5:48pm

People are making big money on agregating information and being able to prove that they can provide the click throughs to other sites.... It's just the latest way the internets have found to make money... Actually they can prove their traffic, and can therefore value it, to get advertizers to spend monet with them...


The sites will stay because they pay for themselves & they like people gathering with certian interests so they can more effectively advertize to them.... This shouldn't effect the ning sites much... 


If they create new sites that agregate images or funny videos .... yea then there may be some sites that get taken advantage of.... who knows... this initial thing needs to work for them first....

Comment by MBRHIndustries on January 5, 2012 at 3:56pm

Let me see if I got this right. This network of sites that essentially provides content relating to (almost parasitically) popular media/fashion/whateverthefuck (essentially not really creating any actual or original content) is seeking to swallow ning community users content as part of its collective, further employing the practice of not really doing shit but getting paid well enough from it. Sounds legit, I'm gonna blog in my kanye shades.

I'm not saying you'll necessarily find the next great master of any discipline on any ning site, but its sickening that it would become just another way to voice your opinion on whatever is "hot" at the moment.

This is how we waste the single greatest communication mechanism in human history.

Comment by j on January 5, 2012 at 1:09pm

@ MBD - http://www.itszenlive.com/

This was set up by one of the Vloggerheads guys as a test bed to work with... (and no it wasn't Zen) He is also working on a second set up  but has not revealed it to my knowledge... PM me if you want to know who it is. You can reach him through VH's or YT... He said he didn't want a ton of people knowing who was actually doing the back end work to save hassels... 


The Ning / Glam thing has been going on for a while.... This is an anouncement of what they are intending to do....

The first part...... It seems that if the site owners go into the program, the stuff from their site can be used on Glam.com Bliss.com and Brash.com as content....   There is probably an application process and it all gets approved.... but the Ning sites become a source of content for these guys....

The second part says..... That to make their advertizing numbers look better they are going to use the stat counts for all ning sites (even those with their own domain names) to make the numbers look better for their advertizing rates.... (you can opt out) 


Having Argent involved is a set up for failure... Dont waste your time or money...

Personally, I'd pay thousands to somebody else just to keep him away from and out of the process... MHO...

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