Ya know...once upon a time.... what I loved about this website is that the people here spoke their minds freely. We allowed for people to be different, think different, have different opinions...As a group - we laughed until we cried, we had inside jokes, the members of this website (for the most part) were like a team...we hung out on TokBox/BlogTV/Stickam/Skype/BlogTalkRadio together, we hosted "shows" to promote the website... we fought like hell amongst ourselves in small spurts (and got over it & laughed about it)..we got to know each other... and every single person from way back then is still my friend. I talk to those people regularly on Skype and on the phone.

The people that are participating on this site now are not like that. There is this viciousness and bitterness about some of you....the NEED to be mean (not just sarcastic - just pure mean for the sake of it), the NEED to lash out and actually hurt someone just because you can, the NEED to be always be right, the NEED to dominate one another at all costs. It really is a very ugly thing to see.

Then you guys actually wonder why in the world no one wants to join and participate on this website....Who in the hell would read these blogs, watch what is posted here and say to themselves,"Now that looks like the kind of people I would like to get to know." Seriously....you guys have dragged this website down into a dark abyss.

But....go ahead and say you don't care...make jokes about it...."hahaha LULZ". MBD spends his hard earned cash to keep this site up. He makes NOTHING from this site. Exactly how long do you think he will continue this?

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Comment by Argent009 on August 12, 2014 at 10:36pm

It's more like they've been locked out of their bedroom with all their video games trapped inside.

If my kid got suspended, he'd spend all his waking hours studying.

Comment by Argent009 on August 12, 2014 at 10:24pm

No, she said suspended, but she didn't say for how long, maybe for 15 years. :)

Comment by Drone on August 12, 2014 at 8:14pm

Np doesn't bother me, as I said you are an adult and it's on you, just trying to give you a heads up they were suspended not ban so that means they will most likely be back.
Comment by Drone on August 12, 2014 at 7:59pm

I think personally everybody commenting right now is fucking damage or daft, Bytes already stated the reason a few people are parked outside right now has less to do with Shawny than it does, the way they handled themselves as grown adults.


It doesn't help matters when you show up sticking your tongue out at people while you know you are standing on the inside right now, of a conversation severals others aren't capable of really taking part in, just like with J do what you wanna do, but don't then bitch or complain when they think you want to play and return to you the exact same kind of treatment.

You can ignore J, the other folks aren't here right now, Bytes handled that situation, it should have been left at that.


What MBD posted is what MBD posted, this is his site so if he wants to subject the site or himself to that risk that is on him, you posting that sick shit here now to make some lame ass point that could be made really any other way, kind of makes you special Kind of Sick FUCK, mostly because you went to look for it, OR you knew where to find it.

Comment by j on August 12, 2014 at 7:45pm

You said in comments here on this website that you leave because you know or fear you are going to get banned.. Not cause you are angry.. So quit your lying... 

Comment by j on August 12, 2014 at 7:17pm

J, I have never turned on anyone at VH in this administration. all of them are dear friends , for one.

This has NOTHING to do with anything I am talking about... 

J, Bloasis and I get along perfectly.

Tahllula left because of you... 

You emo quit constantly at Vloggerheads and you said so yourself that whenever you feel you have pushed people too far or are about to get banned you delete your account... 

I am a partner and do get along with 98% of the people.

You are a "Partner" on YouTube ? Really ? Youtube sends you a check and pays you ?? 

I have issues with stupid doesn't matter who or where... Drone, Bytes, Argent, Rare, etall...  

Comment by Bytes on August 12, 2014 at 8:39am

@j - Shawny and I have never had a problem with each other.

Comment by Argent009 on August 12, 2014 at 2:55am

J is bad, mmkay?

Comment by Drone on August 12, 2014 at 1:42am


I never been emboldened and never needed to be. I have always said exactly what I wanted. The same restraint I have not to call you out or people is for the same reason I don't have a problem with PV or a Shawny or really anyone, because I speak what's on my mind, or I ignore and move on. I don't feel the need to pound and humiliate people personally or try to destroy them for kicks.

If I wanted to attack easy targets and retards you would be top on my list. HAHa!

But see that's the choice I have Self Control. You on the other are better at trying to influence other people with your stupid shit. But even the fucking people you THINK actually like you don't trust you.

So keep building that armor you think keeps you safe until that shit becomes a prison and it all falls down on top of you.

Because one of the big differences between me you and just about everybody else. I don't fucking need a group of people to validate me and thus my conscience is clear and unlike you I don't feel the need to run other people down.

Say what you want about Shawny or anybody else but J take this check to the bank however bad it is you think it is for anybody else try's me mang it will be ten times worse for you when it comes crashing down one day for you and that's because you knew better and you still choose to do what you do.

You are a long way from where most people are to even begin to call just about anybody BOY lol !

But that's just who and what you are saying shit for effect to cover your own delusions.

Comment by Argent009 on August 12, 2014 at 1:08am

Amazing how she's never turned on me, if she turns on everybody why has she never done it to me, or drone or anyone else who isn't a fucking asshole? Maybe she just doesn't like assholes? Personally I like that in a friend, I seek out people who dislike assholes, they're my kind of people. Maybe if you stopped being an asshole you'd have no problem.

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