Thanks for the feature itube,first of all.I did not drink this weekend but did use some sugar to make my lemon and ginseng green tea.Watching"The Time Traveler`s Wife' as I write this.I think I met time travelers before but I think I will never know the truth about why I am the way I am and what was done to me and why.I know my dog Brady is ravenous. He is looking at me right now at his empty dish.He snorts at me went he is mad.I just told him he has to wait until the morning and he just licked his chops.I haven`t went to the Dermatologist in almost a year now and I use Aveeno and Sarna solution for my psoriasis and it helps until I make an appointment.Dr Brown is paralyzed in a wheel chair but still carries himself well and has lovely assistants working for him but he is further away than my other Dr Middleton,who I stopped going to because he kept asking if I still did heroin after 8 years and it makes me mad that he has to devalue me like that for something I quit long ago.I saw this remote controlled helicopter in a catalog that has a camera which you can do videos.I intend to get one sometime this year.I gave in and fed the dog.Both Jay dog and my cat Leah eat Brady`s Science Diet which costs like 13 bucks for a small bag so I have been getting 5 dollar bigger bags of small bites at the Family Dollar store near us.I love their chicken flavored crackers.I found the song"Children of the Sun" by Billy Thorpe and added it to my imyoursavior playlist I made way back in August of 2007.March of 2007 is when I made my YT channel and June of 2007 is when I made my LV channel.Too bad livevideo crashed and burned.Once the nowlive.com members took it over once their site ended,the live shows brought many people,too many for LVs servers to handle and many hackers started coming in and taking over the live show spamming porn shots.Once the live shows could not function and the site started getting hacked so much it shut down repeatedly until it is now dead.If it does come back,no one will care.Stickam is dead for my friends I have who are never on.I have little friends on BlogTV but do music shows every now and then on my Cosmic Joe Channel Wednesday Nights at 10 PM ET. I just if you are up then,come by.Thanks once again for the feature.Today I will do my Neo Tech Advantage #5 cartoon which is going to be an undertaking because it is `about universal good and evil and takes up several pages so I have to see how much I can do in one cartoon.I definitely have to condense it somehow.I do not know why it is so important for me to get all these 114 Neo tech advantages on cartoon form.As I do them,I will also comment on my likes and dislikes because I do not fully agree with some of their outlooks and neither will you but many you may appreciate them like I do.I have this 35 plus year old sound system which I have my sound around my room.It is hooked backwards but still works but,at times in the very back ground when it is no sound on the TV,I hear faint voices talking like the EVP devices used by the paranormal societies.Half the voices I hear are Brady dog`s stomach grumbling or him barking and scratching dreaming.He has doggie nightmares you know. I wonder about what though.A female dog? A giant dog eating cat? A time traveling Chia pet to take his place? Who knows what lurks in the mind of an elderly dog.I haven`t been doing much on sites now like I did before.FB got tired of me so I left there for awhile.I have to do stuff on YT to embed elsewhere.Especially my cartoon account with GoAnimePro,which I can integrate my videos in with cartoon introductions of my own making.I will do my first test video soon.I will still get around to doing some taxi van video blogs soon around Baltimore.Go Ravens!!!!!

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Comment by Cosmic Joe on January 15, 2012 at 8:34am

I had a great Tokbox crew but deleted my profile in depression over a year ago and could never get one working again for me.I suck at chatting anyway really.Nobodies fault but mine I admit.

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