Baltimore Riots and Freddie Gray Aftermath Thoughts

  After all the protests,all the looting,smashing windows,cars set on fire,people attacking the motionless police who were obviously ordered to stand down which the police commissioner will not admit,and the police who were a part of Mr Gray`s demise,nothing has changed in Baltimore.There are still at least 3 shootings a day and murders a plenty.Mostly disturbances but a lot of crime goes forth without being reported.Although there are cameras on most blocks in the city,we rarely see any footage to show these endless crimes.The police are not respected here for their behavior in the past.One officer killed a dog who was only a puppy pitbull in fear and was fired.Now,police are afraid to do their duty because they are under a fine microscope as what they do and how they do it. There`s always multiple shootings,some stabbings,in every part of the city and at least 2 killings a week in Maryland suburbs.Nobody really wants to get to know one another in Baltimore and ignore ordinary greetings.Believe me,I tried.If you act nice,you come off as a weirdo.Most people here have a nice attitude towards one another but things are not as friendly feeling here as most states in the union. Half of the people in Baltimore want to leave it.If it were not for living next to an abusive person who may or may not being selling heroin,I would stay in Baltimore all my life.I`d like to live in a DC suburb although the lay lines or perhaps somewhere in Colorado.All I can say is,most of the slum areas that Obama forgot to fund development to,with all their gangs who commit crime in order to survive,were the real cause of these riots and their disgust for the police themselves who rogue officers made their life a living hell,did what they did here in part of Freddie Gray`s death,but mostly they are sick and tired of being neglected and forgotten by the government.You see how FEMA will not fund any development in Baltimore,so who is going to flip the bill for those businesses and homes to be rebuilt? This Maryland Government is a joke how they are always broke and have Casinos here who should be adding revenue but aren`t.It`s like everyone is a crook waiting to pounce on anyone weak enough not being able to defend themselves.It is totally dog eat dog here with way too many dogs.And if these officers arrested for what happened to Freddie Gray get off without conviction due to shady court procedings,the riots,looting and violence will start all over again,believe that!!

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Comment by Cosmic Joe on June 30, 2015 at 9:55am

The government here is as crooked as the criminals in Baltimore.Both the mayor and the governor both did nothing for at least 9 hours and everyone saw how the Police were just standing in line and did nothing while the Police commissioner denies telling those officers to stand down and allow these hordes of gangs to loot,destroy stores,and set fires to businesses.The preachers were no better.The marched the opposite way of the looting.They were only a block away from Mondawmin Mall and went the other way.I relied on the Police a few times and each time they acted like I was the problem,so fuck em!!

Comment by Mike D. on June 30, 2015 at 8:07am

It's definitely not the same Baltimore I was raised & grew up in, that's for sure. People used to respect the police, but now it's hard to tell who's a good cop or one who abuses their power & hides behind a badge to justify themselves. As far as the damn casinos & even the lottery, they seem to target the poor, sad shit.
Don't move to DC, it's too damn expensive there. Colorado sounds like a much nicer place to live, but I really don't know.....I've never been there.

As far as that Freddie Gray shit, it's a shame it all went down that way & people used it as an excuse to riot. Not that everyone was violent. There were peaceful protests & I'm sure those people were tired of being shit on by the city & state governments & even the police.

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