I have found to realize that some of the events in my life changed with the decisions I made and it is a cycle that I cosmically remember like De Ja Vu in an infinite scale,leading into future events consisting in odd timelines which have been stagnated by mystic means by secret societies and magic symbolisms,such as the Stars o the U.S.A. Flag.Turn that star upside down,signals pure evil in every degree possible and after my stroke,I gave away my Motley Crue Shout At The Devil hoodie because of the Pentagram on it,but those feelings of such symbols faded but still in my brain concerning what genetic memories that were uncovered by my stroke which I believe was caused by an eternal force that monitors me along the way.I truly believe some force is controlling my life in the past but feel a new awakening in myself.If only the world saw me as being normal and as well as them but due to certain handicaps I have like a bad skin disease like guttate psoriasis and several nerve damage pains throughout my right side,plus the way I talk as if I were retarded,which is definitely not the case at all.I am sorting out the moments in my life in the order that they happened to me to solve the puzzle of my life.Simple as it sounds,being of cosmic mind and due to the reading the Nouveau Tech Society of Secrets books of value,I gained an insight on the human nature of mystic minded people who are secretly controlled my the devices they hold dear,their electronic gadgets.They control most of them completely to where they cannot live without texting people.If I had decent friends who valued me,I guess I would have texting buddies that I text every day,but people mainly,unless they need me for some reason,never visit and have devalued me maliciously to where they are no longer trustworthy to me,thus I go on in my life of stagnation within myself,as a self punishment of what other people have done to me,yet not focusing on the past to get myself set for things to come in a years time from now,which I predict be a disclosure of some sort in the way of alien/UFO recognition to us all.I know full well,by my studies in UFO foke vore,in many shows like Unsealed UFO Files and other new disclosures,Dwight Eisenhower sighted a pact with these Greys when given their technology,to experiment on us all,giving us,the public,on freedom in the matter what so ever.Choices were made for us by the ones who probably created us as a species.They manipulate our DNA and include their DNA to make us more like them slightly each human generation.Our TV and cell phones are used to spy and track our every movements,but no one really cares or is too caught up in their lives to realize any of this.

    I envision my future to be a bright one with no disclosure to others who is writing my books or controlling a website I will own.Luck be my lady at times when cosmic influence brought on by visions of certain numbers that I may hit in the lottery like I did in June when I nearly hit the big one in Mega Millions and was only missing one number.I am fortunate to be so lucky while unlucky at friendships and love.I hope that will eventually change somehow.I thank you for reading this blog.Peace,love and take care :0)

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