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Sweat and Nerves of Steel

Have you ever wanted something so badly that you are willing to work until your entire body/mind ache....til your hands bleed.....thru injury and pain....thru unbearable heat...thru the rain.....coming home at the end of every single day only to collapse in a heap and not knowing how you can ever find the strength to do it again tomorrow? YET you do it tomorrow....and the next day and the next. Because you will never give up and never…


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The Pied Piper of Crazyville?

I find it fascinating that a woman who has publicly told the story of how the internet drove her into a mental ward has so many people following her little trail of bullshit. She has said that she believed her computer was actually watching her and talking to her....she ultimately became so paranoid that she was put into a mental ward for a while. I'm not sure if that is (at least in some small part) of what caused her marriage to fall apart and her children to cut ties with her. She has…


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Shark Week!

Yes, it has been on the mind all week, and it is one of my favorite weeks of television SHARK WEEK!


I remembered as a kid the first time I ever seen Jaws, was about the first time I ever went on summer vacation and camping, going out on a canoe doing a little sailing, I remembered the thoughts always stuck with me, YES it was on a LAKE, but still, I always wondered if I was truly safe, and imagined what it might ave been to be on that lake…


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Robin Williams

From TMZ:

Robin Williams has committed suicide.

The Oscar-winning actor/comedian killed himself in Tiburon, in Northern California.   His people tell us he's been recently battling severe depression.  

According to the Marin County Sheriff's Office ... authorities found Williams' body inside his home.  They say he was found unresponsive.

He was unconscious and not breathing and the coroner suspects suicide due to…


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Once Upon A Time

Ya know...once upon a time.... what I loved about this website is that the people here spoke their minds freely. We allowed for people to be different, think different, have different opinions...As a group - we laughed until we cried, we had inside jokes, the members of this website (for the most part) were like a team...we hung out on TokBox/BlogTV/Stickam/Skype/BlogTalkRadio together, we hosted "shows" to promote the website... we fought like hell amongst ourselves in small spurts (and got…


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How bout some MUSIC!


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I really want to know why Shawny is being attacked. Seriously. Is it because you believe she is easy prey and it's all for shits and giggles? or what exactly is it?

 If you don't like what Shawny posts, don't watch it/don't comment. Is that so hard? There aren't that many active participating members on this site to begin with and for the small hand full of you to randomly decide Shawny "has to go"....makes no sense. Especially the shit that is spewed by J...considering he came…


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Breaking News, Apparantly you have to have a ticket to get on a plane now

A woman accused of making it through airport security without a boarding pass and taking a Southwest Airlines flight from San Jose to Los Angeles pleaded no contest Wednesday to a misdemeanor trespassing charge after being arrested at LAX two nights earlier.

Marilyn Hartman, 62, was charged in connection with willfully and unlawfully entering Los Angeles as a…


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Gotham this FALL, who is going to watch with ME!

Yep, I'll admit it right here right now I am a Batman Nerd all the way, LOVE BATMAN, and this fall, one of the most KICK ASS shows is coming to FOX

This looks fucking AWESOME!…


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My apology for posting pron....

Apparently we can not post a LINK to a porn site because of a "Note" titled "Dramatube Terms of Service" ...

How could I have been sooooooo stupuid !!!!! 

I mean it's RIGHT THERE !!!!! 

Wait it says NOTHING about LINKS to pron sites... 

It's ONLY A NOTE FROM 2009 !

What the fuck is a "NOTE" ?   Group's, check. Discussion's, check. NEVER seen "NOTES" on ning...

As for being right there, YOU CANT FIND…


Added by j on August 2, 2014 at 7:00pm — 28 Comments

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